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Hydrangea kwangsiensis FMWJ 13187 Hydrangea kwangsiensis FMWJ 13187

Species recently introduced from Vietnam and hardiness not known but warmer zone 8 and above is safe.  Well worth taking a chance on as the lacecap flowers have that little sumpin' sumpin' that made this the staff favorite here.  White sterile flowers surround fertile florets of pink to indigo depending on pH and clonal differences.

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Hydrangea serrata 'Kiyosumi' Hydrangea serrata 'Kiyosumi'

An outstanding selection from Mt Kiyosumi in Japan, this is distinguished by russet and burgundy tones to the new foliage and the lacecap flowers are the perfect complement to that foliage with the sterile florets being white in the center of the flower and bushing to a distinct pink rim.

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x Didrangea NA77509 x Didrangea NA77509

A United States National Arboretum introduction of this intergeneric hybrid between Hydrangea and Dichroa.  With recent molecular work lumping Dichroa in with Hydrangea, this makes sense that these would hybridize.  Fine, dense heads of lavender-blue flowers on a small shrub.  The USNA also holds Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy plants in their collection.

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