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Impatiens balansae Impatiens balansae

An exciting tender perennial Impatiens from Vietnam we brought in via the UK. Deep green leaves with magenta undersides on a stout 3'-4' upright plant are quite enough but add the late orange-yellow flowers with red lips and be ready for involuntary expletives and religious exhortations.  We saw this in the wild and were blown away.

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Impatiens tinctoria Impatiens tinctoria

An awesome - and I don't use this word lightly - hardy Impatiens from Africa.  John Grimshaw in the UK speaks highly of this species.  To 6' tall in morning sun or light shade with awesome (there i go again) 3" wide flat-faced white flowers with a red throat.  Gorgeous.  Perennial big tuberous roots.  Not a seeding thug.

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