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Incarvillea forrestii KGB 43 Incarvillea forrestii KGB 43

Every spring I say 'O-mi-gawd!  How does that little thing do that?"  Flowers completely over the top and a celebration of extravagant copious excess which would lead one to think this is the All-American plant but in reality is from the Kunming-Gothenburg Expedition NW Yunnan China 1993.

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Incarvillea olgae Incarvillea olgae

Grown from seed given to us by xeric, steppe and rock garden guru, Panayoti Kelaidis of Denver Botanic Garden.  Brilliant plantsman who, if you gave him an hour lead time, would be conversant in aquatic plants native to Lake Malawi and the nearby Great Rift Valley.  This Central Asian species grows natively on rocky, sandy slopes and in the garden, is quite drought tolerant.  Thrives in Denver, this will get 3'-4'+ with pink flowers in summer.

Price: $15.00
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