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Kunzea muelleri
Kunzea muelleri

Family: Myrtaceae
Hardiness: To Zone 8
Mature Size: 8" x 3'
Exposure: Sun
Bloom Time: Summer
Moisture Needs: Average
Deer Resistant: Yes
Origin: Australia
Price: $18.00
Pot Size: Medium Band Pot

Stock Status:In Stock
Product Code: P3758

Availability fluctuates on this one so feel free to inquire even if it says sold out. Please do comparative pricing on this one - we suspect it will be hard to do! Cuttings received from our friend Maurits in Holland who is obsessed with cold hardy Mediterranean style plantings. He is of that elite genre of indefatigable plant sleuths that source and share good plants and to whom we all owe heaps of gratitude for the dissemination. This is essentially a low evergreen groundcover - to 8" tall - in the Myrtaceae known from the Australian alpine area of Kosciuszko National Park but this clone hails from Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria with Mount Buffalo being snow-covered in the winter. Better yet, this was collected from a frost pocket area. We don't know about you but when we hear the phrase "Who's your daddy?", Maurits pops into our minds with unnerving regularity. And to think this has profuse creamy flowers with an exuberance of stamens - it is nearly too much in one little package and due to the weight of generational implied unspoken expectation, we already are questioning our worthiness as stewards of this unique piece of botanical Pièce de résistance. But in the spirit of the best plantsmen everywhere, let's spread this around! We don't have many of these. Rare, choice, first-time offering are all appropriate. Zone 8 for sure, likely zone 7. Please do comparative pricing on this one - we suspect it will be hard to do!