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Kunzea ericoides Kunzea ericoides

A variable New Zealand species that used to be placed in Leptospermum and it is easy to see why with similar white flowers in summer and evergreen needle-like leaves.  This will get to be a large shrub or small tree and is well-suited to a windy exposed site.  Leaner soils with good drainage will promote hardiness and less lush growth but it will still grow fairly quickly.  Here in Deer Hell, this will be a useful deer-proof plant to add to the battle.

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Kunzea muelleri Kunzea muelleri

Cuttings received from our friend Maurits in Holland who is obsessed with cold hardy Mediterranean style plantings.  This is essentially a low evergreen groundcover - to 8" tall - and hails from a frost pocket in Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria.  Has profuse creamy flowers with an exuberance of stamens.  Rare, choice, and a first-time offering.

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