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Lomatia tinctoria Lomatia tinctoria

Guitar Plant.  Choice evergreen Tasmanian Proteaceae family member whose vaguely guitar shaped flower buds open to a wild riff of white flowers that will have you playing the air trowel.  Hardy to a normal zero degrees and drought tolerant when established.  Needs no fertilizer.

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Lomatium columbianum Lomatium columbianum

One of the wildflower kings of the Columbia Gorge.  This is an awesome Desert Parsley that can be found near Lyle growing out of basalt rubble outcrops in the grasslands.  Billowing mounds of blue green ferny foliage and big rich pink flower umbels.  Yowlza!  Ask us how to grow it.

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Lomatium martindalei Lomatium martindalei

Our seed collection of Martindale's Desert Parsley from our nearby Olympic Mountains. This West Coast native umbellifer is found from sea level to the mountains where it inhabits dry meadows and dry. often rocky, slopes.  Yellow flowers from this population where it grew with 3 species of Allium and Delphinium menziesii.

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