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Lysionotus pauciflorus var. pauciflorus Lysionotus pauciflorus var. pauciflorus

Shrubby little Gesneriad (African Violet family) which will form multiple stems to a foot or so tall with lots of funnel-shaped light lavender-white flowers with throats lined in dark veins. Kind of reminds us of one of the subshrubby Monkeyflowers in a way. Best kept from frost but easy inside over winter. This is widespread in China dipping into Vietnam and jumping over to Taiwan and Japan ranging from 1000' to 7200' stems 3" to 4' tall. There seems to be one form commonly in cultivation which is the glabrous var. pauciflorus and obviously the hardy alpine 3" tall form as well as the subtropical 4 footer needs to be introduced! Sounds like a sponsorship opportunity for a collecting expedition by the Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy in case there is a generous gesneriafficinado out there despairing over the paucity of available diversity in Lysionotus pauciflorus.

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Lysionotus petelotii Lysionotus petelotii

An epiphytic gesneriad (African Violet family) from a Josh McCullough collection in Vietnam.  This is a pretty cool and indeed, prefers cool partly shaded conditions.  Not hardy, it might be able to cope with a very light frost but best moved inside for the winter or at least for frosty periods.  Big tubular whitish flowers washed in pinks.

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