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Magnolia cathcartii NV 065 Magnolia cathcartii/floribunda cf. NV 065

And then there is whether you accept Michelia or Magnolia.  Young plants from a collection at 2200 meters and the species ID was a best-guess from the field.  Evergreen leaves on what were young second-growth trees as all mature specimens had been logged in this area.  Should have white flowers.  Just a few and would not expect a lot of hardiness.

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Magnolia foveolata NV 050 Magnolia foveolata NV 050

Extraordinary yellow-flowered evergreen species from northern Vietnam on this collection. The trees in the wild were all small second-growth trees with mature examples nowhere in evidence. That night we slept in a nearby farmer's house with our sleeping bags on wide flooring planks of magnolia wood - mystery solved where the big trees went. Best in a sheltered spot from freezing winds.

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Magnolia macrophylla - Winston Co., AL Magnolia macrophylla - Winston Co., AL

Seed-grown from a wild collection in Winston County Alabama of this unrivaled North American tree..  This has the largest simple leaves of any native plant - up to 30" long - and let's add the flowers as well which are 8"-10' wide and rarely to 12".  These fragrant soup bowls are white with rose-purplish bases and followed by showy big cone-like fruits from which red seeds hang by threads.  Seriously.  Rich moist soil sheltered from wind.

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