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Magnolia foveolata NV 050 Magnolia foveolata NV 050

Extraordinary yellow-flowered evergreen species from northern Vietnam on this collection. The trees in the wild were all small second-growth trees with mature examples nowhere in evidence. That night we slept in a nearby farmer's house with our sleeping bags on wide flooring planks of magnolia wood - mystery solved where the big trees went. Best in a sheltered spot from freezing winds.

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Magnolia globosa CCHH8134 ex China Magnolia globosa CCHH8134 ex China

Close ally to Magnolia sieboldii and M. wilsonii with gorgeous pendant white flowers and larger leaves with yellowish hairs underneath.  Both leaves and flowers are larger than the aforementioned two species. Large shrub to a small tree, quite uncommon in cultivation and hardy in our area.  These are seed-grown young plants from a tree of the original collection

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Magnolia insignis DJHV06391 Magnolia insignis DJHV06391

This is a hardy evergreen Magnolia (formerly Michelia) that Hinkley collected in northern Vietnam in 2006.  This has made a fine small tree quickly at Windcliff where it has weathered some bad winters.  This is grown from cuttings from that plant and you can expect nice white flowers in just a few years.

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Magnolia macrophylla (wild collected) 123sd 2016 Magnolia macrophylla

Small plants from a wild collection of this iconic tree found in small, scattered populations from Ohio to Florida. The biggest simple leaves of any tree native to North America, these can be nearly 3' long in ideal conditions.  The scented flowers are white touched in maroon in the interior base and do not suffer from leaf envy as they are 8"-10"+ across.

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