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Mahonia eurybracteata "Soft Caress Seedlings" Mahonia eurybracteata "Soft Caress Seedlings"

Seed-grown from the clone 'Soft Caress' which is good parentage to say the least.  This will be similar and expressing to varying degrees the qualities of its parent which are good non-spiny foliage with upright yellow candles of flowers on a narrowly vertical evergreen shrub.  It will be good and also a unique one of a kind.

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Mahonia gracilipes Mahonia gracilipes

One of the great Mahonia species or Berberis as they are now known.  We saw this growing on Wawushan in Sichuan where it exhibited it's characteristic waxy white underleaf.  Loose sprays of pinky-orange flowers in the fall followed by nice fruit.  Easy and a connoisseurs foliage plant.

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