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Meliosma sp. NV 036 Meliosma sp. NV 036

As yet, an unidentified species of this ornamental genus.  This evergreen shrub to small tree possesses interesting ovate-lanceolate leaves with a distinctive acuminate drip tip.  In other words, the leaves are long and narrow but rounding in the middle like some of us do and have a skinny pointy end.  Likely white flowers and black fruit.  A rarity no doubt and all the more so from this wild collection.

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Meliosma veitchiorum H2MD115 Meliosma veitchiorum H2MD115

A Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy Offering.  Impressive tree that left us gobsmacked when we saw this solitary and statuesque 50' tree in the wild.  Broadly columnar with well-spaced branches forming a stout framework for the pinnate leaves.  Big plumes of small white flowers segue to marble-sized black fruit and then it just piles it on with orange fall color.  Extremely rare plant of which we have just a few.

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