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Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Kaori Hime' Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Kaori Hime'

Fragrant Princess False Holly or so the translation goes.  You cannot help but like this diminutive version with its deep green miniature hollyesque leaves and its scented typical Osmanthus-sized white flowers.  This grows ridiculously slow and should you live long enough, plan on having a garden party when your aged Fragrant Princess reaches 3 feet tall.  On second thought, better plan on that party when she reaches 2 feet.

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Osmanthus suavis HWJCM 129 Osmanthus suavis HWJCM 129

Sweet Olive. A collection by Wynn-Jones and Hinkley from the Milke Danda in eastern Nepal. This has similar, fragrant white flowers to the more common Osmanthus delavayi and shares the same blue-purple olive-shaped fruit.  A good evergreen shrub that the deer shun and will be a durable landscape plant for zones 8-9 where aside from the fragrance, it is good for screening.

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Osmanthus x fortunei Osmanthus x fortunei

This evergreen large shrub is a hybrid of O. fragrans x O. heterophyllus and is usefully for screening as it will be very dense. The fall white flowers although small, bunch up in packs, and perfume the air with a scent of jasmine. That should be enough right there but to pile on just a bit, very deer resistant and tolerant of periods of drought. Ok, now that is enough.

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