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Pachysandra procumbens 'Little's Pixie Dragon' Pachysandra procumbens 'Little's Pixie Dragon'

A selection from Virginia with leaves more toothed than usual and nicely mottled.  We notice that the flowers are densely bunched in upright pale candles,  This is a much more desirable species than the industrial carpeter P. terminalis and very well behaved.  Do call us if it gets out of hand and we will be right over, spade at the ready!

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Pachysandra terminalis - variegated MD15-91 Pachysandra teminalis MD 15-91

This well-known groundcover hails from a narrow mountain valley in Chongqing we hiked to in the rain along a narrow trail among a rich a variety of trees and large Rhododendron sutchuenense where this lolled about in the understory floor mingling with tiny Hepatica henryi, Asarum, Ophiopogon Calanthe and a curious white-flowered Sanicula.  Evergreen leaves and spreading rhizomes makes a dense carpet.  Familiar species to the point of disdain, this stands above the rabble with its Botanical Roadshow provenance.  At day's end, the scorched potatoes pulled from the coals

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