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Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis

One of the stars in our shade garden is this Chinese Trillium relative.  These are seedlings from our garden plants which are marvels of vegetative increase.  The 3 bulbs we planted have increased to over 50 stems with elegant flowers and showy orange fruit.  Hope the kids learned something.

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Paris quadrifolia Paris quadrifolia

A European Trillium relative that forms small colonies in time by creeping rhizomes. Four-parted leaves and greenish flowers that look like an artistic, sculptural rendition influenced by recreational doses of psilocybin.  These later give way to a black knob of seeds which are attractive in their own right. Our patch in our shade garden has increased to about 4' across and once it hits 10', we will feel like we have enough.

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Paris thibetica DJHC 828 Paris thibetica DJHC 828

A Hinkley collection of this very collectible Trillium relative from China.  The 7-12 narrow leaves are arranged like spokes on a wheel and have short deep purple petioles.  The flowers are the typical Paris expression of atypical nonconformity with lots of green and spidery filaments.  We have not keyed this yet to verify the name but it is quite rhizomatous and is not of the widespread polyphylla clan.  Divisions.

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