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Pleione 'Tongariro' Pleione 'Tongariro'

This has consistently been a head-turner here when it is in flower. Rich pink flowers of good size and a large fringed lip or slipper pouch which is decked out in orange-pink spots with the interior all orange ruffles and flourishes. A good increaser and best suited for pot culture where it can be brought in, unless you garden in a mild area. Pleione orchids require excellent drainage.

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Pleione 'Vesuvius Phoenix' Pleione 'Vesuvius Phoenix'

Part of the Vesuvius series of hybrids by Ian Butterfield, this bulbocodioides crossed with x confusa has it all working.  Rich deep pink flowers are a perfect frame for the psychedelic rabbit hole of a  fringed floral lip whose base color of yellow-orange is heavily overlaid by carmine conjoined spots.  And it's legal.

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Pleione formosana Pleione formosana

This is a surprisingly hardy terrestrial Orchid that is quite easy to grow given a couple of rules.  Loose crumbly organic/gritty well-drained soil and fairly dry in the winter.  We've friends who grow these easily in Port Ludlow unprotected in rotting logs, stumps and deep moss on rocks.

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Pleione formosana 'Blush of Dawn' Pleione formosana 'Blush of Dawn'

A very lovely selection of this terrestrial and sometime lithophytic orchid.  These are hardy outside in mild winters or given protection.  They need great drainage like planted in moss on a rock or in a stump or rotting log and protected during severe cold snaps.  Traditionally grown in pots and brought in a cool spot for the winter, these are quite easy.

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Pleione formosana 'Oriental Splendour' Pleione formosana 'Oriental Splendour'

A tried and true selection that really puts out with classic orchid flowers with rich pink petals backing a white cup that is nicely fringed on the lip with some light spotting on the interior and touched in yellow in the throat.  An amalgamation of attributes in one flower.  Good increaser needing good drainage like a rotting log and overwinters here in Puget Sound.

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Pleione formosana Alba Group Pleione formosana Alba Group

While typically grown in pots and overwintered in a cool frost free spot, we've grown these in rotted cedar logs or on mossy boulders and simply protected them during cold snaps and have had excellent success with these outdoors.  Excellent drainage is key.  These will increase nicely through small offsets and who doesn't love orchids in the garden?

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