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Potentilla 'Fire Flames' Potentilla 'Fire Flames'

Red flowers.  Lots of red flowers. Bringing the heat.  A two foot bonfire of visually searing heat.  A heaping pile of glowing coals in the garden.  A smoldering intensity that can wear thin in a husband or wife but is perfect in this plant.  A virtual hotness matched only by the forges of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings but with positive intent.

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Potentilla 'Volcan' Potentilla 'Volcan'

One of the best of the herbaceous Potentilla hands down, period.  End of story.   George Zimmer of Men's Wearhouse "I guarantee it".  This is a "Quit talking, just do me, baby" Potentilla.  Deep orange flowers combined with the silver foliage are an exquisite pleasure verging on pain it is so intense.  Full sun.

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Potentilla biflora Potentilla biflora

Choice rock garden species from rare wild collected seed from the Tien Shan Mts where they extend into NW China.  This makes nice dense clumps of close set sivery-green foliage and typical Potentilla golden yellow flowers.  Easy care and tolerant of our abuse.

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Potentilla lineata Potentilla lineata

We originally received seed of this back in the 90's from a Chris Chadwell collection in Nepal.  An exceptional foliage plant with long silken silvery leaves and tall loosely arrayed yellow flowers in early summer.  This is one of our favorite herbaceous Potentillas which Chris just ID'd for us this summer of 2013.

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Potentilla x tonguei Potentilla x tonguei

This is an excellent mat-forming perennial with handsome leaves and 1" amber orange flowers with a glowing red center in May-June and occasionally thereafter. Tough little dude getting a foot or more across with semi-evergreen leaves and best in decent soil that doesn't dry out. Long-lived too - always a plus.

Price: $16.00
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