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Rhododendron poilanei CDHM14725 Rhododendron poilanei CDHM14725

This represents the first introduction of this species to culltivation from our collection on a shaded cliff in Guangxi in 2012.  A pixie of a Rhododendron which is one of the Vireyas and has small glossy leaves and good, dark yellow, open-faced flowers of appropriate scale.  These are cutting grown.  Hardiness is unknown but Z8b is safe.

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Rhododendron schlippenbachii Rhododendron schlippenbachii

Royal Azalea.  Aptly named as this Korean deciduous species is a showstopper.  Large light pink wide-open flowers in spring just as the new growth starts are, are, are…….my mental Thesaurus has bogged on synonyms for beautiful and superlative so you can fill in with the best you have.  Oh, and the flowers are fragrant - you can see my dilemma.

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