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Rhododendron macabeanum NAPE 027 ex. Rhododendron macabeanum NAPE 027 ex.

Our own F2 hand-pollinated seedlings from this superb big leaf species which has shown more hardiness than the Kingdon-Ward collections from 70 years ago.  This collection has handled 10F here in our garden with aplomb.  Early spring trusses of big yellow flowers although interestingly, one of the original wild seedlings flowered white.  Best in a sheltered position out of the wind and sun where the foliage can hit its max potential.

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Rhododendron occidentale Rhododendron occidentale

Western Azalea native to southern OR and northern CA.  I've seen this ringing Darlingtonia bogs in the Siskiyous in full bloom in shimmering 100 degree heat and it is a sight to behold.  Quite fragrant.

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Rhododendron pachypodum MD97 Rhododendron pachypodum MD97

A regrettably tender species of the Maddenia section which we brought back as a cutting from the Cangshan in the fall of 1997 and these are cutting-grown from that plant.  Every terminal bud bursts into large white flowers with a soft yellow throat which are sweetly scented.  Sunroom in winter.

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Rhododendron poilanei CDHM14725 Rhododendron poilanei CDHM14725

This represents the first introduction of this species to culltivation from our collection on a shaded cliff in Guangxi in 2012.  A pixie of a Rhododendron which is one of the Vireyas and has small glossy leaves and good, dark yellow, open-faced flowers of appropriate scale.  These are cutting grown.  Hardiness is unknown but Z8b is safe.

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Rhododendron stenopetalum 'Linearifolium' Rhododendron stenopetalum 'Linearifolium'

Crazy piece of work but in the best possible way.  This is a sport of this Japanese azalea species which would typically have the usual thumb-shaped leaves and wide flower petals but in this selection, the leaves and pink flower petals have become very long and thin like decorative sushi garnish.  Nothing like it and a universal must-have.

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