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Ribes laurifolium 'Amy Doncaster' Ribes laurifolium 'Amy Doncaster'

Named for the great English gardener, this evergreen flowering currant has pendulous fragrant creamy-white flowers in late winter-early spring. This is a very uncommon selection which is more compact than typical for the species and will give your garden chutzpah. Appreciates not having to bear winter winds and can take some dry shade.

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Ribes alpinum 'Aureum' Ribes alpinum 'Aureum'

Hardy as heck variegated currant, which has yellow foliage turning more lime-chartreuse as the season moves along.  This is a pretty compact little deciduous shrub making a tangle of twigs to eventually 3 feet tall and as wide.  We've seen references to it being hardy to zone 2 so assume it is as unaffected by cold as a chunk of basalt.  Little reddish fruit.

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Ribes davidii SEH#109 Ribes davidii SEH#109

An uncommon species collected in the Chinese Himalaya by Steve Hootman, one of the best plant hunters of the modern era.  Smaller and more prostrate than R. laurifolium.  Greenish flowers.

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Ribes malvaceum var. viridifolium 'Ortega Beauty'. Ribes malvaceum var. viridifolium 'Ortega Beauty'

Shipping restrictions may applyA selection from the mountains of Orange County CA notable for its rose colored flowers.  This species has somewhat viscid green leaves that tend to drop in late summer but reappear with the rains of autumn and have handled temps to 15F here.  Late winter-early spring flowers in our area, these delight the overwintering Anna's hummingbirds.

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