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Ruscus aculeatus - hermaphrodite form Ruscus aculeatus - hermaphrodite form

Butcher's Broom.  Stiff branches of these were gathered into brooms for the serious sweeping required in European shops.  This is the choice metrosexual form not needing a partner to set red marble fruit right on the "leaf" surface.  Slow growing, evergreen, drought tolerant.  Medicinal.

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Ruscus hypoglossum Ruscus hypoglossum

Honorary member of the Odd Plants Society. This tough shrublet is related to Asparagus and the apparent leaves are not leaves at all but modified stem parts called cladodes and in the midvein of these rests a tiny inconspicuous (and that is being generous) flower. This is a male clone and it would be great to get a female plant for the showy red fruit sitting on the surface of the "leaf"

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