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Salix candida Salix candida

An exceptionally rare and fine form from Newfoundland of this northern tier species.  It actually dips into NE Washington.  This selection just kicks butt on the typical form.  Nice spring catkins but it's the foliage!  Soft silver gray leaves on a plant wider than it is tall.  See it in our border.

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Salix cf. bockii DJHC 742 Salix cf. bockii DJHC 742

Interesting willow which we like a lot from a Hinkley collection in Sichuan. An upright plant at 9' in the garden here and no idea of ultimate height but we guess small tree at most.  Very small leaves clad the stems and the thin catkins are,,,,,,well, willowy.  Keying Salix gives us a bit of a headache as the genus is just one big open marriage in the wild with hybridity very common but we will suss it out.

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Salix lindleyana Salix lindleyana

Creeping Himalayan Willow or Lindley's Willow.  Use this as a small ground cover or a small spiller over a wall or container with its new growth having reddish stems and last year's stems sporting cute little catkins. Not a fan of hot climates, this is for cooler northern gardens and will be hardy to zone 4.  John Lindley would be proud.

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Salix magnifica Salix magnifica

Nothing willowy about this Chinese Willow! Stiffly erect stems hold large rounded leaves evocative of Magnolia than Salix.  Pinkish new growth adds to the charm and the catkins are impressive on this male clone.  Likes a good moist soil to to really do its best.

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