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Sarcococca bleddynii FMWJ 13180 Sarcococca bleddynii FMWJ 13180 ex Vietnam

This species was only recently described by botanist Julian Shaw in 2012 from a collection in Hoang Lien Son range on the second summit trail of Phansi Pu in Vietnam. These are second-generation seed-grown plants from a 2011 recollection by Floden-Mitchell & Wynn-Jones.

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Sarcococca hookeriana var. hookeriana 'Purple Stem' Sarcococca hookeriana var. hookeriana 'Purple Stem'

Purple Stem Sweet Box,  Wonderfully fragrant winter bloomer in December and January whose small white flowers with pink calyces perfume a disproportionate area relative to their size.  Narrow alternate evergreen leaves on a plant up to 30" tall but usually shorter.  This small evergreen is the same plant offered as var. digyna which has opposite leaves or as var. humilis which is a synonym of var. digyna but the taxonomy shifts like the wind.

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Sarcococca ruscifolia 'Dragon Gate' Sarcococca ruscifolia var. chinensis 'Dragon Gate'

A Roy Lancaster introduction of the variety chinensis from Yunnan, China (which in of itself is reason enough to have this plant in the collection) of an invaluable winter blooming shrub tolerant of deep shade with white fragrant flowers from late fall into early winter.  Superb shade evergreen shrub.

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Stachys officinalis 'Dwarf White' Stachys officinalis 'Dwarf White'

Little gem of a Stachys we brought back from Scotland in 2013 although we hate parting with any, to be honest.  Super compact with tight rich green rugose leaves and short spikes of snow white flowers of a purity and innocence so unsullied that felt compelled to ask permission prior to dividing.  Perfect rock garden plant.

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