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Saxifraga paniculata 'Rosea'
Saxifraga paniculata 'Rosea'

Family:  Saxifragaceae
Hardiness:  To Zone 6
Mature Size:  8"
Exposure:  sun/pt sun
Bloom Time:  May
Moisture Needs:  average moisture
Origin: Europe
Price: $10.00
Pot Size: 4" Pot

Stock Status:(Out of Stock)
Product Code: P0043

Nice little clumper for the rock garden or special niche from the late plant guru Steve Doonan.  Airy sprays of small red flowers are most becoming.  Likes a well-drained soil that gets some water now and then.  Not as drought tolerant as Hens and Chicks but then what is?  Very nice form of this Saxifraga species which probably came to Steve via Bob Putnam and these are nice full pots.  Full hot sun won't be to it's liking but it will be happy in mostly sun here in the maritime PNW or a good eastern exposure where there is real sun.  A lot of people don't count our few 78F scorching summer days here as being real sun.