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Barnardia japonica syn. Scilla scillioides Barnardia japonica syn. Scilla scillioides

Fricking taxonomists - we were so happy with Scilla scillioides.  Choice and seldom ofered Chines/Japan/Korean bulb that flowers in late summer with 10"-15" stems of Scilla-like pinkish-lavender flowers without the distraction of its grassy leaves.  Pretty cool and easy naturalizer that we can finally offer.

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Prospero autumnale (syn. Scilla autumnalis) Prospero autumnale (syn. Scilla autumnalis)

Grown from wild collected seed in Europe, this tough but dainty in appearance bulb is valuable for flowering in the fall.  In late summer long after the thin grassy leaves have disappeared, stems to 10" bear numerous lilac-pink flowers,  Good for the rock garden or naturalizing.  We've grown it for 30 years - it's durable!

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