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Agapanthus 'Mood Indigo' Agapanthus 'Mood Indigo'

A pretty spiff hybrid from the Los Angeles County Arboretum. This hardy Lily of the Nile has deep and dark violet flowers which are held on stems up to 3' and are quite the show. Had a girlfriend years ago who was deep and dark and would frequently put on quite a show but that grew tiresome. This plant is different and you won't weary of it or require therapy.

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Agapanthus 'Twister' PP25,519 Agapanthus 'Twister' PP25,519

A cracking bicolored Lily of the Nile out of a breeding program in South Africa where this one seedling out of hundreds exhibited excellent white flowers with a blue base.  These are held in 6"-8" umbels on stems to nearly 4' tall!  Maybe the best thing is that is deciduous and hardy going to zone 7b with a good mulch.

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Agapanthus 'Bressingham Blue' Agapanthus 'Bressingham Blue'

This was selected at Bressingham Gardens by the legendary Alan Bloom and is derivative from the garden-proven Headsbourne hybrids that are noted for hardiness and excellent flowers. This pick of the litter has 2-1/2' stems with baseball-sized flower-heads of a good dark blue. This will be good down to zone 7 with a nice deep mulch.

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Agapanthus 'Margaret' Agapanthus 'Margaret'

One of the top hybrids bred by Steve Hickman of Hoyland's and is well-regarded among those in the know for its large powder-blue flowers on 30" stems.  We have just a few of these and owe thanks to plantsman Jim Fox's courier efforts from the UK and for sharing with us.

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Agapanthus 'Sky' Agapanthus inapertus subsp. hollandii 'Sky'

A cracking plant originally collected in the Lydenburg District of Mpumalanga of South Africa and grown for years in the treasure house of Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden. Upright gray-green leaves lead the eye up and up to over 40" where the pale sky blue flower heads with large drooping individual florets are captivating.

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Agapanthus 'Kingston Blue' Agapanthus 'Kingston Blue'

A lovely cultivar introduced to this area by the enigmatic Pete Ray of Vashon and no relation to our local Kingston.  Tastefully narrow deciduous leaves with medium small flower heads of a good clear mid-blue.  Hardy and a good performer in the garden.  Sun and deer resistant.

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