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Skimmia arborescens FMWJ 13377 ex. Skimmia arborescens FMWJ 13377

F2 seed-grown plants from the original wild collection of this plant which in the wild can reach fairly epic heights of 25'!  We've seen one a few feet shorter in southern China and that memory is carved deeply into the memory banks.  Quite upright and dense when young and eventually spreading out with age when in deep shade.  Black fruit, flowers insignificant comparatively.  The important thing is, you will have one and your friends won't!  A portion of the proceeds goes to support the mission of Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy.

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Skimmia cf. multinervia NV 058 Skimmia cf. multinervia NV 058

Our collection of what we presume to be this species although given the distribution from Nepal into China and Vietnam, we wouldn't be shocked to see this species broken into varieties or subspecies. If it is this species, give it some room as it can hit 40' tall as a venerable old-growth specimen but expect much less in the garden. Upright evergreen with pale butter-white flowers and blue-black fruit.

Price: $25.00
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