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Staphylea bumalda H2MD 120 Staphylea bumalda H2MD 120

Bumald Bladdernut.  The species is named for 17th century Italian botanist Ovidio Montalbano who used the pen name Johannus Bumaldus when publishing.  Curious bit of phytoesoterica.  A smaller deciduous shrub with trifoliate leaves and panicles of white fragrant flowers followed by small bladders holding two shiny nut-like seeds which would make lovely beads.  A Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy offering.

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Staphylea holocarpa H2MD 074 Staphylea holocarpa H2MD 074

Chinese Bladdernut.  A grand species from Hubei where this grew on a high bank arching out over a tumbling whitewater stream with its inflated seed pots containing burnished brown nutlets.  The showy flowers are in clusters looking somewhat like the love child of a Throes of Spring one night stand between Deutzia and Stryrax.  Likely pink buds opening to white, there is also a pink forrn but these wildlings have not yet flowered.  Can take full sun but best not in drying or freezing winds and truly shines in a sheltered position such as woodland edge.

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