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Styrax cf. tonkinensis YuGu 016 Styrax cf. tonkinensis YuGu 016

Any and all Styrax appeal to us and this was a necessary collection as a result.  A vigorous tree of good size widely distributed in southern China and into adjoining countries to the south.  This will have a lot of small, white bells in spring followed by pale nutlets clasped by a somewhat swollen green calyx.  A very few of these gallon-sized plants.

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Styrax odoratissimus CDHM 14689 Styrax odoratissimus CDHM 14689

Snowbell. Superb small tree from an area not botanized by westerners. This will have showy panicles of white flowers in late spring - early summer and is notable for having slightly bronzy new growth which adds to the allure. It has done superbly in full exposure here for several years - mute testament to its tolerance of adversity!

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Styrax sp. YuGu 059 Styrax sp. YuGu 059

A medium sized tree in the wild, this is from the same remote mountain which yielded the first introductions of Schefflera fengii and Rhododendron sinofalconeri some 25 years ago and has not been revisited since. Vigorous tree with copious white flowers we presume followed by nutlets.

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