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Syringa reflexa (syn.  komarowii ex DJHC) Syringa reflexa (syn. komarowii ex DJHC)

Second generation seedlings from a Hinkley collection in Sichuan of this fine Lilac which can be kept as a large shrub or trained up to be a small tree.  Pendulous flowers white to pale pink inside with a lavender-pink reverse.  Very attractive and trouble free.

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Syringa reticulata Syringa reticulata

Japanese Tree Lilac.  This is quite the lilac getting up to 30' tall with early summer - that's June - fragrant creamy white flowers.  Not a bad thing having an extremely hardy small tree with enough fragrance that your neighbors can enjoy it right along with you.  Plus it is deer resistant so it is all good.

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Syringa tomentella CDHM 14585 Syringa tomentella CDHM 14585

A Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy Offering.  A multistemmed large shrub having a small tree appearance as it is quite upright from our Asian collection in an area of extreme ecological devastation.  This had fallen from a cliff edge making seed capsules accessible. Narrow flower heads of whitish flowers have a graceful quality that is found in the wild species.

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