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Taxus baccata 'Amersfoort' Taxus baccata 'Amersfoort'

A bizarre antler-like sport of the common Yew found in France and moved to the grounds of the Insane Asylum in Holland for which it is named.  This is one crazy plant.  Open strikingly architectural growth habit with an obssessively compulsive tight attention to line and form.  Sometimes we swear we hear it whispering to itself.

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Taxus cuspidata 'Prostrata' Taxus cuspidata 'Prostrata'

Japanese Prostrate Yew.  At my age, I really have to think when I type "Prostrate" to make sure there are no subconscious typos.  Tough evergreen much wider than tall growing a foot a year topping out at 4' tall and as wide as you want it.  Can be a large scale shrub or kept as a foundation plant with pruning.  Very tolerant of dry.

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