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Trochodendron aralioides Trochodendron aralioides

One of the classic broad leaf evergreen small trees, this grows quite slowly and will fill the evergreen shrub niche for many years.  This has small apetalous (that would be no petals so you can guess at the wow factor) chartreuse flowers in spring.  Just a great Asian plant requiring decent moist soil.

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Trochodendron aralioides "Bush form" Trochodendron aralioides - Shrub Form

A nod to the now-defunct Bovees Nursery who closed their doors in 2019 after many decades of offering some choice woodlanders seldom available elsewhere including this shrubby Trochodendron. This shows no signs of harboring the arboreal aspirations found in many Trochodendron, preferring to eschew the tree for the shrub, happy as Gimli rather than Legolas and presents a sturdiness of stance and rugged constitution of a Middle-Earth Dwarf.

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