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Vaccinium sp. JN11052 Vaccinium brachyandrum cf. JN 11052

A distinctive Vaccinium (Blueberry) collected by Jens Nielsen in western Yunnan at 3000 meters. Large leaves of serious substance alternately flank the arching stems and take on red-bronze colors when young as well in winter on the least mature leaves. No surprises on the white urn-shaped flowers or with the purple-black fruit which add ornament to an already interesting plant. We can only guess as to mature size of the plant but would think 3'-4' tall with arching and trailing branches to 6' or more.

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Vaccinium chaetothrix SEH 1517 Vaccinium chaetothrix SEH 1517 (previously as Agapetes lacei)

Very cute little epiphyte with small rounded cupped leaves and green-tipped red flowers. This is going to be a source of no small pleasure in zone 9 where it will be happy growing in a container, rotting log or mossy rock in part shade. We grow ours in a cool greenhouse kept just at or above freezing and has been easy as pie.

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Vaccinium ovatum 'St. Andrews' Vaccinium ovatum 'St. Andrews'

A very dwarf selection of our native red huckleberry found in the garden at St. Andrews in Scotland.  This is extremely dwarf to just a few inches high but spreading to 3' across in time.  That would be a long time.  Brilliant red and orange new growth.  Perfect little rock garden shrub.

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Vaccinium x intermedium Vaccinium x intermedium

A hybrid between V.myrtillus and V. vitis-idaea making a dense little shrub 2' high.  Why stiff yourself with a boring beyond belief Boxwood when you could have this splendid little  gem with pinky-white flower bells in late spring and small blueberries in late summer?  Good organic soil.

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