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Veratrum cf. schindleri
Veratrum schindleri
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Family: Melanthiaceae
Hardiness: Z5
possibly lower Mature Size:
3' Exposure: Part Sun-Light Shade
Bloom Time: June-July
Moisture Needs:
Moist Origin: Hong Kong
Price: $20.00
Pot Size: Large Band Pot

Stock Status:In Stock
Product Code: P4353

Young plants derived from Tom Mitchell likely via Crug Farm and came to us from Aaron Floden - now there is a chain of custody!  We first listed this as V. schindleri from Tom's Hong Kong collection but now have learned differently with the thought that these might be a hybrid with V. formosanum due to the variation in color, size and tendency to flower young which is a hallmark of V. formosanum.  Veratrum schindleri is a very attractive species that is highly variable in flower color in the wild which makes a definitive call on hybridity difficult especially as we have not observed schindleri in the wild except in the fall as dormant plants with withered foliage which is little help.  We can say for sure these young plants will show variation - send us pics when yours flowers - and pictured is one of our older plants in flower.  This is quite interesting with the pale petals and darker eye pattern to the center which turns reddish as the seed capsule begins to develop.  We are anticipating planting a grouping of these and when they flower, leaving us able to do little more than bleat and clap in happiness.  We are smitten with Veratrum and this is an exciting addition to the mix.  This will have the familiar albeit fairly narrow pleated leaves and aforementioned flowers in an open and airy arrangement on the 3' flowering stem.  A rich moist soil in part shade will be just the ticket and this should be quite hardy.  Tom Mitchell closed his fantastic plantsman's nursery in England late in 2015 which reflects the difficulties inherent in such a pursuit.  Our thanks to Aaron Floden for sharing this plant with us.

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