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Woodwardia orientalis Woodwardia orientalis

Crazy fern that takes away the need to fuss with growing this from spore as it makes a multitudinous panoply of ready-to-go plantlets on the leaves that will soon have you owning the corner in your 'hood dealing in fern babies.  Remember, if it's a kid, the first one is free.  Warmer gardens of indoors, mulch protect in zone 8 winters.

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Woodwardia spinulosa Woodwardia spinulosa

Sporelings of the Mexican Chain Fern originally introduced from the mountains near Oaxaca.  A rarely seen beautiful species surviving many years in a Seattle garden.  The same garden has a glorious container of this which overwinters frost-free in the sunroom where it not only survives but thrives.  Thanks to Jeanette Kunnen for sharing.

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Woodwardia unigemmata Woodwardia unigemmata

A most impressive fern and one we've been privileged to see in its native haunts in China.  This makes magnificent large long fronds, coppery when young and when mature, terminating in a single fuzzy small ball or gemma, which will become a new fern.

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