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Nomocharis sp. nov BO 14-125 Lilium species nova BO 14-125 syn. Nomocharis

Beautiful pink flowers on this elegant plant formerly placed in Nomocharis and where they continue to reside in our hearts and minds.  Grown from a seed collection in China by the very knowledgeable Bjornar Olsen, this is a very special plant.  Some variation from evenly pink to a pale margin on the tepals.

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Nolina greenei Nolina greenei

This collection is from nearly 6000' in San Miguel Co., New Mexico and hardy down to Zone 5.  This yucca relative makes dense clumps of thin grassy leaves to 3' tall and holds the dense plumes of creamy flowers nestled in the uppermost leaves.  The brown seed heads evoke fat cigars.

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Nolina hibernica 'La  Siberica' Nolina hibernica 'La Siberica'

Originally introduced by Cistus Nursery from a seed collection at 8000' in La Siberica, Mexico, this very desirable plant has become hard to find of late but our two plants finally flowered with impressive spikes that was one male and one predominately female so we had seed! These have been undamaged in brief nighttime drops to 10F and have formed new crowns after flowering so the show will continue. It is mandatory to have a series of parties when these bloom, btw.

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Nomocharis aperta Nomocharis aperta

Our collection from our way to Tianchi Lake in Yunnan.  We found this Lily relative (which has been called N. forrestii) growing in a wooded copse with Sorbus reducta.  Likes a good moist soil and can have 7-10 flowers per stem in our experience when it gets some age.  Survived in Wisconsin where the ground 5' deep.

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Nomocharis farreri BO14-116 Nomocharis farreri BO14-116

A rare species from northern Myanmar and adjacent Yunnan, this is even a rarer opportunity to purchase bulbs from seed collected in the wild by Bjornar Olsen. Nomocharis in cultivation live in the Summer of Love and welcome without reservation any pollen from any other Nomocharis nearby resulting in hybridity.

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Nomocharis saluenensis Nomocharis saluenensis

We have very few of these which we originally received as seed from a serious collector and grower in Scotland. The genus remains one of the most coveted in the Liliaceae and the thrill of seeing these in flower each year is felt as keenly as if it was the first time. We've had good reports from customers with Nomocharis in zone 5.

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Nyssa sinensis YuGu 015 Nyssa cf. sinensis YuGu 015

An Asian Sour Gum or Tupelo related to our own eastern Nyssa sylvatica.  This deciduous tree does flower but not that you would notice although it does produce small bluish fruits in Fall.  The driving reason for growing this that the largish leaves becomes a bonfire in Autumn in yellows, oranges or reds.  A moist acidic soil will fan those flames.

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