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Nerine "Quentin Seedling'' Nerine "Quentin Seedling''

Plantsman and bulb expert Jim Fox was staying with the Coode-Adams in England and admiring this fine Nerine 'Quentin' in their border which just happened to have a scant few seed.  Jim brought those across the pond to us and years later, Voila! - we have Quentinlettes.  Quentin is highly regarded in England and the kids are good too.

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Nerine 'Cherry Ripe'* Nerine 'Cherry Ripe'*

A luscious, tender Nerine sarniensis hybrid worth every effort to overwinter.  Related to Amaryllis, this bulb is summer dormant with the leaves appearing in winter and flowering in fall.  The flowers are the rich pink of promise speaking directly to the limbic brain conjuring ancient cave responses as though confronted by sex, ripe fruit or blood. Civilization is but a thin veneer.

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Nerine 'Pink Triumph' - Dutch Form Nerine 'Pink Triumph' - Dutch Form

Nerines are like having a fall blooming Christmas Amaryllis in the garden except these are hardy to zone 7.    Hardier than the species with good rich pink flowers.  Nerines bring a totally unexpected blast of exotica to the fall garden and look particularly good in Mediterranean style plantings.

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Nerine bowdenii  - Kew Form Nerine bowdenii - Kew Form

Hardy Nerine at least for us in the Puget Sound, this is the seldom-seen Kew form which we received from bulb guru John Flintoff.  We've not seen this offered elsewhere.  This will have late summer flowers like a small Amaryllis of a luscious pink.  Good drainage, mulch if cold winter.

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Nolina hibernica 'La  Siberica' Nolina hibernica 'La Siberica'

Originally introduced by Cistus Nursery from a seed collection at 8000' in La Siberica, Mexico, this very desirable plant has become hard to find of late but our two plants finally flowered with impressive spikes that was one male and one predominately female so we had seed! These have been undamaged in brief nighttime drops to 10F and have formed new crowns after flowering so the show will continue. It is mandatory to have a series of parties when these bloom, btw.

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Nomocharis aperta Nomocharis aperta

Our collection from our way to Tianchi Lake in Yunnan.  We found this Lily relative (which has been called N. forrestii) growing in a wooded copse with Sorbus reducta.  Likes a good moist soil and can have 7-10 flowers per stem in our experience when it gets some age.  Survived in Wisconsin where the ground 5' deep.

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Nomocharis farreri BO14-116 Nomocharis farreri BO14-116

A rare species from northern Myanmar and adjacent Yunnan, this is even a rarer opportunity to purchase bulbs from seed collected in the wild by Bjornar Olsen. Nomocharis in cultivation live in the Summer of Love and welcome without reservation any pollen from any other Nomocharis nearby resulting in hybridity.

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Nomocharis saluenensis Nomocharis saluenensis

We have very few of these which we originally received as seed from a serious collector and grower in Scotland. The genus remains one of the most coveted in the Liliaceae and the thrill of seeing these in flower each year is felt as keenly as if it was the first time. We've had good reports from customers with Nomocharis in zone 5.

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