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New and Restocked Plants

These are our latest plants recently added to the website. We are adding them as fast as they are available to sell, but for some of them, we haven't had time to write descriptions. So we'll write these as soon as we can.
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Dierama hybrid ex. "Tomato Red" Dierama hybrid ex. "Tomato Red"

Seedlings from a floriferous red-flowered selection from Russell Graham.  Russell had one of the most beloved specialty nurseries in the Northwest and to say he knows a good plant is stating the obvious.  The parent plant is a short, dense clumper with small red flowers that rule by their majority.  This has pride of place in our garden, widely separated from our other Dierama, so hope is for similarity on these children.

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Nolina hibernica 'La  Siberica' Nolina hibernica 'La Siberica'

Originally introduced by Cistus Nursery from a seed collection at 8000' in La Siberica, Mexico, this very desirable plant has become hard to find of late but our two plants finally flowered with impressive spikes that was one male and one predominately female so we had seed! These have been undamaged in brief nighttime drops to 10F and have formed new crowns after flowering so the show will continue. It is mandatory to have a series of parties when these bloom, btw.

Price: $18.00
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