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Sinopanax formosanus
Sinopanax formosanus

Family: Araliaceae
Hardiness: Zone 8b-10, likely 8a
Mature Size: 10'-20'
Bloom Time:Sept-Oct
Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Moisture Needs: Moist
Origin: Taiwan
Price: $50.00
Pot Size: Medium Band Pot

Stock Status:In Stock
Product Code: P4488

Incredibly exciting rare ornamental Araliad from Taiwan where it can reach 30 feet tall. Don't be scared by that as it will likely not attain those dimensions in your garden at least while you are the gardener! Broadly orbicular leaves with 3-5 shallow lobes on stout branches makes this a riveting centerpiece. These are likely the first seed-grown plants ever offered in North America and best in mild gardens zone 8 and above.  This grows naturally with Schefflera taiwaniana and Fatsia polycarpa and we observed this in Taiwan growing in light to moderate shade but here in the maritime cool sun Northwest, this will handle full sun.  Protect these youngsters the first winter or two - it will be so worth it!