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Woodwardia orientalis Woodwardia orientalis

Crazy fern that takes away the need to fuss with growing this from spore as it makes a multitudinous panoply of ready-to-go plantlets on the leaves that will soon have you owning the corner in your 'hood dealing in fern babies.  Remember, if it's a kid, the first one is free.  Warmer gardens of indoors, mulch protect in zone 8 winters.

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Woodwardia unigemmata Woodwardia unigemmata

A most impressive fern and one we've been privileged to see in its native haunts in China.  This makes magnificent large long fronds, coppery when young and when mature, terminating in a single fuzzy small ball or gemma, which will become a new fern.

Price: $15.00
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Woodwardia unigemmata - Undulate form Woodwardia unigemmata - Undulate Form

We have just a handful of this choice form of the species in which the pinnae are distinctly undulated adding yet another layer of tasteful complexity to a species already awash in attributes.  It really isn't fair to be born with gorgeous 6'-7' fronds but do you have to flaunt undulation too?  Well, yes.

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Wulfenia x schwartzii Wulfenia x schwartzii

It is not enough to just collect the Wulfenia species but one must have the hybrid as well. And this natural progression of the collector disorder is a very good thing indeed as this is both intriguing and lovely. In part to light shade, this will tweak expectations of spring bloom with 10'' spikes of blue flowers that carry the graceful effect of a Penstemon gone astray in the best possible way in the woodland.

Price: $18.00
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