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Zantedeschia hybrids Zantedeschia hybrids

Hercules Calla Lily.  We have Hercules planted on the edge of our little pond in our bog garden and it is indeed of mythic proportions with large white flowers conveniently at eye level held above the broad white spotted leaves.  Great cut flowers with stems long enough for a basketball players casket.  These are seed-grown plants but should be very similar.

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Zingiber mioga Zingiber mioga

Mioga Ginger.  A treasured food crop in Japan where the new shoots are prized as a vegetable and the flower buds are considered a delicacy.  This clumps up quickly in rich moist soil in shade and produces exotic Iris-like creamy white flowers at ground level in late summer and fall.

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Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379 Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379

A collection of this prized Asian culinary species from the Korean island of Jejudo which used to be Cheju or Cheju-do.  This is a true Ginger but in the case, it is the deep yellow flower buds that are eaten which open to lilac-pink flowers held at ground level.  The corn-like leaves get about 3' tall and this is hardy to zone 6 and even zone 5.

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