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Zingiber mioga Zingiber mioga

Mioga Ginger.  A treasured food crop in Japan where the new shoots are prized as a vegetable and the flower buds are considered a delicacy.  This clumps up quickly in rich moist soil in shade and produces exotic Iris-like creamy white flowers at ground level in late summer and fall.

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Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379 Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379

A collection of this prized Asian culinary species from the Korean island of Jejudo which used to be Cheju or Cheju-do.  This is a true Ginger but in the case, it is the deep yellow flower buds that are eaten which open to lilac-pink flowers held at ground level.  The corn-like leaves get about 3' tall and this is hardy to zone 6 and even zone 5.

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