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Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria ) 'Select Mattole' Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria ) 'Select Mattole'

This has vermillion-orange flowers and amazing silver foliage with a capacity to take the hottest sun and crappiest soil and still put on an unexpected floral display with no water from you once established.

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Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria) 'Silver Select' Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria) canum 'Silver Select'

A nice silver-foliaged selection of the California Fuchsia.  This loves a well-drained soil in a hot sunny spot where it has lots of tubular bright orange hummingbird magnet flowers in late summer.  Disappears in winter but comes up from the spreading underground rhizomes.  Cut back in spring.

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Trillium pusillum 'Early Alabama Spring' Trillium pusillum 'Early Alabama Spring'

A selection by Piping Tree Gardens Nursery of this dwarf species from Alabama where spring starts early and so does this phenotype of the species. The March flowers are delightful little imps and why not get the party started a little early, we always say. Ultra-cute rhizomatous clumping species to just a few inches high with irrepressible perky upward-facing scented white flowers.

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Zaluzianskya pulvinata Zaluzianskya pulvinata

Great little Scroph (Scrophulariaceae) from the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.  This is rated to zone 6 and grows in rocky areas.  A cushion-forming perennial with loads of beautifully detailed scented flowers which open at dusk or on cloudy days.  Good drainage.

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Zingiber mioga Zingiber mioga

Mioga Ginger.  A treasured food crop in Japan where the new shoots are prized as a vegetable and the flower buds are considered a delicacy.  This clumps up quickly in rich moist soil in shade and produces exotic Iris-like creamy white flowers at ground level in late summer and fall.

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Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379 Zingiber mioga 'Crug's Zing' BSWJ4379

A collection by the Wynn-Jones from Crug Farm of this prized Asian culinary species from the Korean island of Jejudo, formerly Cheju island. This is a culinary ginger but it is the deep yellow flower buds that are eaten which open to lilac-pink flowers held at ground level. The deciduous corn-like leaves get about 3' tall

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Zingiber mioga cf.  CDHM 14723 Zingiber mioga cf. CDHM 14723

From southern China, where in the autumn, the 30" pseudostems with their broad sword-like leaves had fallen to the ground exposing the bright red starfish fruiting capsules nested in the dark earth. The late summer flowers sit right at ground level like little yellow orchids with a tinge of pink to the labellum and flowers weeks later than our MD10-77 collection.This looks close to mioga but there are 43 Zingiber species in China alone.

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Zingiber mioga cf.  MD10-77 Zingiber mioga cf. MD10-77

Our collection from Asia of what we presume to be the super-hardy Zingiber mioga but there are a lot of species to choose from! Corn foliage and cute ground-level soft yellow orchid flowers at ground level which are a worthy reward for a deep bend at the waist. These flower weeks earlier than our CDHM 14723 collection and have a wider labellum with the whole flower evenly colored. A worthy reward for a deep bend at the waist.

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