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Welcome to Far Reaches Farm

A Rare Plant Specialty Nursery in Port Townsend Washington

Sue Milliken & Kelly Dodson, proprietors

What's New at The Farm - February 7 2016 - Dig, divide and pot. That pretty much sums it up here on the production side. With our mild weather, the window for this activity is rapidly slamming shut as plants are growing. An indication of just how precocious some are, we have a couple of the pink form of Trillium........... Read more....

The Skinny on Far Reaches Farm

Welcome to our online store and hope you find many of the rare plants offered as fun as we do. We’ve been collecting, growing and learning about plants all our lives and the excitement has simply grown with time and we look forward to sharing our phytomaniacal obsession with you. There are worse things to be afflicted with than gardening. Take a moment and read some of the categories to your left on this page like "About Our Plants" for example so you know what to expect.

We have many more plants available here at the nursery that are not listed on our online store. Many are too large or don't ship easily or are in small quantities or we just haven't managed to get them up on the website. If we just didn't need to sleep, we could get more done. The nursery is open Thurs-Sat 10-4 but will have occasional extended hours and we might take the odd weekend off from retail to catch up on work here so check our open days on the right hand side of this page just to confirm if you are planning a visit.

We propagate and grow most of our plants ourselves which allows us to grow many more impractical species than we should. Many times people shy away from a rare plant thinking it is hard to grow, but more often, it is difficulty of propagation or simply not fitting into a standard nursery routine that makes a plant rare in commerce. Of course, not all of our plants are uncommon - that would be leaving out way too many good ones such as some of our favorite herbaceous genera like Trillium, Meconopsis, Podophyllum, Paeonia, Paris, Heloniopsis, Crocosmia and then the woody genera like Sorbus, Styrax, Magnolia, Decaisnea, Hydrangea and the like.

You can start shopping now using the categories on the left, or read our Ordering Instructions first.

We will be adding new plants frequently so do check back.

We continue to enjoy the response from our customers - thank you! Here are a few of the comments we have received:

Got my order(s) today. My plants arrived beautifully packed, healthy, and surprisingly large. Thank you Far Reaches Farm!” – B. H. North Carolina

“I received my plants this morning and what fine ones they were! Thank you, too, for the bonus Iris. I will certainly sing your praises among the plant groups I belong to and, rest assured, I will be ordering from you again.” – RH – Colorado

Thank you, thank you for your beautifully wrapped plants that made their way to Montana bursting with vibrance and energy!” – LS – Montana

This is my second order with you. Your plants in my first order were large, healthy and very well packed. I greatly appreciate doing business with you, and look forward to more in the future. I understand you recently started offering plants online mail order, it is great to have you as a resource for these beautiful and rare plants. Keep up the great work, and know that you have a very pleased and happy customer.” AO - Florida

“I received my plant order yesterday. I just want to say I am so excited by the wonderful condition of the plants and the excellent shipping conditions you provided! You did a wonderful job of packing. The plants are in beautiful condition and are so healthy. I also want to thank you for the bonus plant! I didn’t expect that so it was a wonderful surprise. I will certainly recommend your mail order services.” KD -- Washington

“you have sent me the finest mail-order plant material I have ever received. Am spreading the word among all the Connecticut gardeners I know.” RK - Connecticut

More customer comments...

Crocosmia 'Corona' Ceanothus x 'Gloire du Versailles'
Crocosmia 'Corona'
Price: $18.00
Callistemon 'Woodlanders Hardy' Omphalodes verna 'Elfenauge' Dryopteris affinis 'Cristata the King'
Roscoea auriculata Puya humilis BK10509.18 Ypsilandra thibetica
Roscoea auriculata
Price: $12.00
Gunnera monoica Ugni molinae
Gunnera monoica
Price: $12.00
Ugni molinae
Price: $12.00
Hydrangea serrata 'Kiyosumi' Symphyotrichum 'Purple Dome' syn. Aster Melanoselinum decipiens
Gentiana 'True Blue' PP20433 Anemone nemorosa 'Mart's Blue' Corydalis scouleri
Corydalis scouleri
Price: $15.00
Dichelostemma ida-maia Impatiens omeiana Roscoea purpurea f. alba NAPE 239
Impatiens omeiana
Price: $12.00
Rosa x richardii Syneilesis x hybrida Polystichum x dycei
Rosa x richardii
Price: $12.00
Polystichum x dycei
Price: $12.00